Day: 21 June 2016


The Mall of Dubai -Shoppers’ Paradise

A Shoppers’ Paradise Shopaholics like Becky Bloomwood will loveThe Mall of Dubai . While Becky is imaginary, the mall is not, and is a living testament to how a desert can become  home to luxury brands and luxurious living. I must confess that I’m not a great shopper – my motto is ” a fool and his money are …


Goodbye my Mango Summer #The Daily Post

Responding to a “summer” prompt on #The Daily Post   Goodbye summer, hello rain Claps of thunder and a bursts of lightening disturbed  the early morning peace. Like a noisy encore to a wet and gloomy Monday symphony, it was a sign say  goodbye to my mango summer.  Despite the heat, summer is best spent …


5 Yoga myths busted #International Yoga Day

Today is International Yoga Day and before I take out my  mat that has been gathering dust for the past six months, I’d like to share some myths associated with it. Yoga is a Hindu Exercise System Of all the myths associated with this form of exercise, this has got to be the funniest. A …