Day: 29 June 2016


A glass of English paani #The DailyPost 

My family was one of the many who went along with a group of  naval officers posted to Lagos in the early 60s, as part of a contingent sent to help out the newly independent Nigerian nation. In those days it was safe enough for ex- pat families and even though it was over 50 …

FOOD, Restaurant

Papaya is perfect for ladies who lunch

If you are one of those South Mumbai ladies who lunch , looking for a suitable place,then Pa Pa Ya  is just the place for you. Especially if you like Asian. Jiggs Kalra’s restaurant that opened in Palladium Mall in September last year already has a fan following , seeing the number of well heeled ladies who …


Disconnected #MondayMusings

For those who’ve been wondering about my absence , let me tell you that I’ve been disconnected from my Virtual World because of computer burn out .  When I jabbed the on/off button of my computer, it remained stubbornly unmoved and repeated jabbings refused to bring it back to life. Not only did this send …