Are you celebrating Father’s Day ?

Why do we in India celebrate Father’s Day a US National holiday?

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Advertisement in shop window reminding us to buy something appropriate for Father’s Day

While shopping for gifts yesterday, I came across this huge sign in a shop window advertising Father’s Day. Over the years, this public US holiday has become part of our holiday list as well. Luckily it is a Sunday so we don’t have the loss of another working day, but what it ensures is an increase in sales of men’s shirts, perfumes, ties and other accessories. It also means more dinner/lunch  reservations for families celebrating Father’s Day.

As Ripley would say, believe it or not, the Third Sunday in June has been declared a National ( read US) holiday by none other than President  Nixon in 1972, 6 years after President Johnson mandated it to be celebrated as such. Several countries since then have followed suit, India included.

Undoubtedly, the US achieved el supremo status after saving the Western World from two terrible wars that radically revolutionised the social order. They also changed the way the world did business. It was no wonder then that it’s superiority extended to the cultural domain, and  Father’s Day , like chewing gum, apple pie, Coca Cola, garbage bins and yellow school buses have gained Universal acceptance and become  part of our traditions too.

Unfortunately, I’m not celebrating Father’s Day with my own father, but am celebrating it with a lazy brunch at the Club with the father of my girls.

How are you celebrating Father’s Day?

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13 Comments on “Are you celebrating Father’s Day ?

  1. Happy Father’s Day to the best dad ever!!!who always drops everything for us and literally gets on a plane if he needs to.

  2. No one was more surprised to discover Father’s Day is a national holiday in the United States than I, someone who has lived all of her 63 years in the United States! So I see where it says that Father’s Day is a national holiday in the U.S. in Wikipedia. I don’t know what the author of that article means. Father’s Day is NOT a federal holiday in our country. Or even a state holiday in any of our 50 states that I am aware of. No one gets off work by action of government. Stores are open. Government offices are closed – and they are closed all Sundays, not just today. But, most Americans do celebrate it – or, at least, celebrate their fathers, or their fathers’ memory.
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    1. Thanks for clarifying this. So it does prove that Wikipedia is not as trustworthy as its namesake the athentic Encyclopedia Britannica .Frankly Sunday is an official Christian holiday and declaring it a Federal holiday doesn’t make sense. Just a suggestion – why don’t you report this error in Wikipedia?

  3. I was just at home..Wished my dad over the phone..This was also my husband’s first father’s day..we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary but acknowledged it nonetheless

    1. Well, I personally don’t believe in celebrating Father’s Day as it wasn’t being celebrated when I was growing up. Nor was Mother’s Day for that matter. As long as one acknowledges a person and appreciates him/her, I think that’s good enough. And I also feel a birthday is good enough or just a spontaneous reaction is fine.

  4. Mother’s day, father’s day, rakshabandhan all days are same for me. I wouldn’t do anything special for any of them. When all of us are together we laugh, argue, disagree, get excited while speaking our vernacular language (which is not hindi) and tell each other positive things and otherwise too. When we are far, we make a call nearly everyday. But no wishing fishing 🙂
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