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I was walking down to Babulnath the other day when I noticed an archway between two buildings announcing ‘Pop-up Hut’. Being naturally curious, I stepped inside and found myself walking down a narrow tarpaulin covered alley way ending up at a hole in the wall of a ‘restaurant’ with a spoon for a handle.

Image for pop up hut
The alley way is cleverly disguised with press releases , reviews and posters

This funky little restaurant is more of a takeaway place since it barely has a work counter and a display counter squeezed in what obviously seems like a small room at the back of an old corner building .

Image for pop up hut
The entrance has a spoon for a handle promising more funky stuff to come

Currently ice creams seem to be the flavour of the month with delicious fruit flavours from ifruit a healthy ice cream option available in Ghatkopar and Kandivali.

Image for pop up hut
Delicious healthy icecream in fruit flavours. Ideal to beat the heat

But this is not a regular option as Pop-up Hut has ‘a new taste every week’. So hurry up and grab the cone before ifruit melts away.

Image for pop up hut
The small but neat counter

This very new concept is yet another way in which Mumbai reinvents itself every now and then . How many times have you wished for a menu change in your favourite eatery ? Well now you not only get a whole new menu but also a whole new taste.

Pop up but is in the alleyway of Kwality house on the way to Crossword at Kemps Corner . This unique concept not only features established brands and eateries but will also feature home makers and small caterers .

For more details on what’s being featured before popping in call.

+91 9819334698 or ย 00 02223820887

Since I’m currently off sweets and desserts I haven’t tried it myself but I’m sure it will be worth a try.

Happy eating !

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    1. It does seem an exciting concept . I wonder if it’s a great spot to hang seems quite poky so if a gang of friends came along it might become a squeeze

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