Papaya is perfect for ladies who lunch

Papaya is perfect for ladies who lunch

image for Papaya
an interesting yet arresting installation of hexagonal wire shapes serve as lampshades too!
If you are one of those South Mumbai ladies who lunch , looking for a suitable place,then Pa Pa Ya  is just the place for you. Especially if you like Asian. Jiggs Kalra’s restaurant that opened in Palladium Mall in September last year already has a fan following , seeing the number of well heeled ladies who literally filled up the place in minutes of its opening at noon.

Molecular gastronomy and Papaya

I had heard of molecular biology but molecular gastronomy was something new to me. I was surprised when the waiter brought along two ‘amuse bouche’ to titilate and tantalise our palates and imagination with a frothy foam infusion of basil and lemongrass, cleverly hiding a ball of chilled watermelon .”Molecular gastronomy ” explained the waiter who understood my puzzled looks.

Image for Molecular gastronomy at Papaya
My first introduction to molecular gastronomy .
By now my interest was totally aroused and I was looking forward to the sushi and dimsums we had ordered

Image for Papaya- California Roll with Asparagus and cream cheese
Garnished with a sprinkling if fresh watercress, this delightful California roll was decorated swirls of wire thin slivers of beetroot.
Image for Papaya- salmon sushi
A generous portion of salmon sushi.
image for papaya - crispy fried corn curd
The yummiest suimai i’ve had so far. Warm and succulent with corn fed chicken . Slightly pungent.
image for papaya - crispy fried corn curd
The only disappointment in our selection was the crispy fried corn curd. With a coating too thick and crunchy, I was particularly put off by the dot of sauce that looked distinctly like tomato ketchup! The side salad of sprouts was the saving grace though.

All in all it was a great lunch though we didn’t go beyond the appetisers. The food was tasty , the service polite and the overall ambience pleasant – casual yet chic dining .  

Undoubtedly this bouche was totally amused especially on a wet and dreary afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Papaya is perfect for ladies who lunch

    1. My desk top has burnt out and I’m finding it frustrating to post on a mobile with a wifi connection that’s slower than a slow train

    1. May be the rains aren’t a good time to try food that is essentially raw but once you take the plunge I assure you the wasabi and Siya combination of sauce will definitely intrigue your taste buds .

    1. Funnily enough the first time I ever ate sushi was at a strip mall in Delaware . And then at a restaurant in California. It is only in the last 10 years or so that sushi has caught on in India.

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