Month: July 2016


The Wind in the Potted Plant #TheDailyPost

  In the early 1900’s when Bombay was still a Textile Town, most of its working class inhabitants lived in a block of flats called chawls. These were more than just home to migrant MIll workers who lived there.  The residents formed strong bonds of kinship and celebrated many occasions as a community – weddings …


Being alone #FridayReflections

Loneliness is a word I’ve never heard   If there are 40 moments in an hour and 24 hours in a day  I’m alone for just a moment in a normal busy day.  I love the chaos amidst the order of waking, working , walking, eating  Sleeping , reading , talking , writing and a …


#The Itinerant Blogger # 1 Fabric Screen Printing – A Beginner’s experience

Hello and welcome to a new series on Mumbai On A High.  Every month, I will be featuring an article from The Itinerant Blogger, a yummy, mummy who will share her experiences as a working mother. The first in this series recounts her experience at a fabric screen printing class. As mothers, especially new mothers, …


#WordlessWednesday- Can You Smell the Spice?

Can you smell the spice ? I made a fresh batch of garam masala today . As I pulverised the roasted spices in my food processor, the house was redolent with its tempting aroma. Can you smell the spice?


Lazy moms make the best kids

Are you guilty of being a lazy mom?     The other day I was talking to my CAREER WOMAN cousin who has recently retired from her job.  But of course, being a career woman, she can’t really retire and is thinking of starting another career, this time as an entrepreneur. As a SAHM whose …


Samsung’s Virtual Reality

You are warned. This is a major rant. My reality   I live in a modern world and modern household with modern appliances to make my life easier. I am a gadget freak and love updating my life with technology so in my reality I have a lot of gadgets like geysers to give me …