A Weird Story of Blog traffic & Real Traffic – Day – 3 WTFOW #5

A strange comment on blog traffic.


Strange things happen in the Universe like this when people confuse  Blog Traffic with Real Traffic.

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Late last week I found a comment posted on  a blog post written in March of this year.

After getting over the shock of having an old post recognised, I read the comment and was really taken aback. The visitor obviously got the whole thing wrong because he was complaining about the traffic in MUMBAI. This is what he had to say.

I am Sandy Gaitonde I am from Mumbai now leave in Canada I came all the way to Mumbai with traffic solution as I have police background and by law enforcement experience. DCP Chavan Traffic North Zone liked it but then he took me to CP Bharambe man who think no end of himself who treated me with arrogance and tossed my proposal without knowing about it and then I flew back to Canada disheartened. Mumbai will have no future as long as these kind of people will be in deciding post. IPS officer should go and work outside Metro areas specially if they are not from that town and they are handling traffic as in simple word neither they know city nor they know chemistry of local people and it applies to CP Bharambe who is wasting taxpayers money right now. Jai Hind

While I am fighting issue on our Mumbai traffic system. I saw by my own eyes how much suffering traffic cops go through in Mumbai while in abroad we have separate department for by law enforcement which does tagging, towing of vehicles who obstruct. They also look after abandoned vehicles. In Mumbai Traffic cops go through all jobs and it is too much for their size and number of vehicles we have. I also try to put this point with CP Bharambe besides car pulling we create a By law enforcement it will make big change I told him but he had no interest in listening as he was just waiting for me to leave while I was talking I was interrupted several times with his personal assistant for no reason and I was told to leave in short I was kicked out. CP forgot I was foreigner who traveled from so far because I care for Mumbai and I had no selfish motto but rather than appreciating my effort he looked at me as some silly civilian who just came to his office to bug him and same time he did not want to accept his challenge as he dose not care much for poor traffic cop who suffers on streets of Mumbai and I realized that. But time will change for Mumbai soon with new system will fall in place one day. As our environment is fully destroyed in Mumbai with no natural mangrove but CP Bharambe said to me environment is different issue and not of his concern while mind you pollution and environment goes hand to hand and traffic dose create pollution we all agree. Jai Hind.

And this is what he had to say on Monday

Please sign my Petition for Mumbai Traffic

Hello friends we have been fighting long battle for our dear city Mumbai. Our roads, infrastructure and traffic is in disaster condition so we found solution but as Mumbai Traffic Joint CP Bharambe has been negative about it and do not wish to help. He does not care being outsider but we care for our city because we grew up in this city and we love Mumbai.So we decided to take it to our CM and we are signing petition. I am attaching link over here kindly click and sign it. We need your support as without your support we can not make clean and green Mumbai with less traffic and and better environment. So if you love aamchi Mumbai please sign it This is for us and our future generation who deserve to breath clean air and enjoy better traffic on road. Jai Hind.

Comments and Blog Traffic


To most bloggers comments are common. Till I joined  Blogelina’s Commentathon  in September last year , my posts generated a mere handful of comments, if any.  It didn’t really matter till I joined  that Blogfest and  learnt the importance of comments. Amd meaningful ones at that. Yet my blog continued to remain “uncommented” and “Unliked” till the  A to Z Challenge this year. That was when I had the most comments and most visitors.

In November last year, I had the highest number of visitors in a day (240).  What was more surprising was that my  About page generated the most footfalls.

What was so special about that day  that made  people keen on  knowing  more about the person behind the words?

I still don’t know.

Have any of you had such a weird experience? Do you treat this as junk/spam or is it an SEO mistake picking up on your key word? 

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I’m participating in FTOW#5.

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  1. Wow, that is a really long and irrelevant comment. I assume only the blog’s name and the headline was read. And the blog traffic weirdness has happened to me too. One day all of a sudden I started getting a lot of visitors and it continued for 2 weeks and then it came down again. I’m still trying to figure out the reasons behind these statistics .
    Dashy recently posted…The Lover – 3 of #Seven AgesMy Profile

    1. I thought I was the only one. Glad to know that others face this problem too. Did you find out the reason why?

  2. Haha… traffic is something we all yearn for…..unlike traffic on roads……I loved how you candidly put it….the shock of having an old post recognized……I cannot but stop smiling……I wish you lots of trafiic…… traffic I mean…..:D….
    Sunaina Bhatia recently posted…Lesson From the SeamstressMy Profile

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