How to have the Perfect First birthday celebration – Day 1 FTOW#5-WriteTribe

13 thoughts on “How to have the Perfect First birthday celebration – Day 1 FTOW#5-WriteTribe”

  1. People should really focus in not calling the whole universe part. It is a lot of trouble to the family, and like you said, the baby is too small to understand or remember any of this later on. Just the people the baby is comfy with will do. Great tips 🙂 .
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    1. Glad to be of help. Parents often get carried away in their enthusiasm and before they know it one becomes two and two becomes hundred .

  2. Ahh, trust you Sunita, to come up with the most sensible suggestions for such events! Sadly I did all the wrong things during my kids’ first birthday celebrations, going the extra mile to make myself a bunch of nerves….ohh I shudder to think of those trying times. Now, older and wiser (I hope) I totally agree….keep it simple!
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    1. I’m quite sure Kala you pulled it off well! And I’m sure you had a blast doing it . I just find nowadays birthday parties are more than cake and chips but there’s fun in a lavish do if you don’t kill your self over it

  3. Visiting after a long time, Sunita! Very handy post for first-time parents! This would’ve been so handy eleven years ago, I tell you! I almost went nodding over everything you have listed out there…the dos and the donts especially!

    1. Glad you stopped by Esha. People do tend to go overboard when they want to celebrate and that detracts from the joy and adds to the stress.

  4. I couldn’t agree more about passing the baby around. I always kept the passing to a minimum, immediate family only, and sometimes that was a bit much since we’re a large Italian family. I never had a problem with the balloons. Again, large Italian family. We’re loud. 🙂

    1. I suppose most families do pass babies around….. It’s great for the moms though to have a respite for a bit 😉

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