Floral Tribute –  Day 7 #WTFOW #5

Floral decorations

Yesterday the Fifth Festival of Words was officially over. Unfortunately I could not put up a post and felt bad to abandon it on the last day. But I found that very often, Blogfests did have stragglers who posted after the festival. Hence this floral tribute to thank all Write Tribers who participated.

Last Friday my husband was felicitated by his office. They gave him gifts, distributed cake and made some speeches.  What was most touching was the floral decorations made by one of the executives in the QA Department. This young man who is passionate about flowers does floral arrangements as a hobby.

The entire office was decorated with flowers . It was simply stunning!

Since most of the office staff  travel by train none, of them could take any home. It seemed a shame to let such beauty go waste and wilt in an empty office during the weekend.So in the evening we had a carload of flowers coming home. Today I had to rearrange the arrangements as some of the blooms had wilted . I not only enjoyed this activity but also fulfilled a long standing dream of decorating my home with floral arrangements .

image for floral tribute
anthurium, red chrysanthemum and yellow carnations are long lasting blooms and my favourite flowers
image for floral tribute
assorted pink carnations of varying heights to make a low table arrangement


image for floral tribute
anthuriums add height and accentuate yellow and white carnations
image for floral tribute
anthurium and carnations at the feet of the Devi
image for floral tribute
three arrangements of birds of paradise and two bunches of carnations are a great way to use up lots of flowers with three groups of flowers

I spent a lovely relaxed morning making these arrangements . I understood now why the young chemist in the office pursues this hobby . It is de- stressing  and fulfilling.

Do you have an unusual hobby? 

Author: Unishta

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