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Monthly Archive: August 2016

Walking in the rain #WordlessWednesday 0

Walking in the rain #WordlessWednesday

Enjoying the last of the monsoons Linking up with #WordlessWednesday

Smile, You’re on Camera ! #The Itinerant Blogger 0

Smile, You’re on Camera ! #The Itinerant Blogger

    Another charming post continuing the adventures of Ms. Papaya.   Smile! Yesterday I took Ms Papaya to get her passport photo taken. Granny drove us in her trusty 13 year old Hyundai Santro to the photo studio only...

Why Whisper? #PeriodPride 21

Why Whisper? #PeriodPride

No need to whisper “Mama what’s that? ” asked my little one as a small packet of Whisper was slipped under our door with the  morning paper. This was in the early days when Sanitary Napkins were being introduced into...

When it is time to give up #FridayReflections 14

When it is time to give up #FridayReflections

There comes a time in your life when you know it is foolish to go on.  Tonight we were scheduled to travel to the States. We had tickets in hand for two flights over 9 hours each with an 8...

#SkywatchFriday- on coconut day 4

#SkywatchFriday- on coconut day

Farewell monsoon on coconut day. Yesterday was Coconut Day when the monsoons begin their retreat. But it seems that they’ve already bid us farewell with this lingering Wednesday sunset Traditionally the monsoons are bade farewell with a thanksgiving Pooja. Coconuts...

Football and snail poop 2

Football and snail poop

Did you know that snail poop is bigger than the snail? I didn’t either till yesterday when Wow Dinga discovered a snail family under a flower pot. The children were playing football in the garden,  enjoying a clear sunny day...

Free write #MondayMusings 12

Free write #MondayMusings

So today I thought I’d take a cue from Suzy Q’s #FridayReflections’ post  last week and do a free write.   Free to write a free write Today we celebrate our 70th Independence Day and I’m amazed at how these...

Reaching out #The Daily Post 4

Reaching out #The Daily Post

Why can’t I reach out to more people?   Obviously I’m doing something wrong out here. I just I read Annette’s post where she describes her blogging journey. She also reveals how in just a short span of 7 months,...

Obsessed #TheDailyPost 2

Obsessed #TheDailyPost

It’s 6 am and the city is still waking up. A man walks by with his dog and an old granny hobbles to the 24×7 grocery store. I’m alone at the bus stop. A man soon joins me. He looks...

Lego a timeless toy for endless joy #FridayReflections 1

Lego a timeless toy for endless joy #FridayReflections

A toy from childhood Undoubtedly Lego remains my favourite toy from childhood. Today when I see my grandchildren bring out the Lego their mothers ( my daughters) played with, I am immediately transported back to my own childhood. Oh !...

#WritingWednesday – a memoir in a moment 7

#WritingWednesday – a memoir in a moment

On writing a memoir Writing is always a therapeutic exercise for me.Once I was going through a personal issue and I used to call out to the Universe to help solve it.  It was like releasing the pressure of a...

The Luxury of Time  #TheDailyPost 14

The Luxury of Time #TheDailyPost

The luxury of time Monday’s come and Monday’s gone How quickly I don’t know Soon Tuesday will also slip away And the whole of August too How I wish I had the luxury Of bottling up each moment of the...

Image for the turning point 12

Turning Point #GuestPost 3

Many young people have their ideas shot down by their elders, dismissing them as childish, fanciful or down right impractical. How many of you are guilty of this? And have you ever thought about what the young person thinks? Darshana...

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