Lego a timeless toy for endless joy #FridayReflections

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A toy from childhood

Undoubtedly Lego remains my favourite toy from childhood. Today when I see my grandchildren bring out the Lego their mothers ( my daughters) played with, I am immediately transported back to my own childhood. Oh ! Those endless hours my brother and I spent with our huge wooden box of Lego.

My father had the box specially made for us and every afternoon we took it out of the toy cupboard, like a treasure chest .While the whole household slept, my brother and I would transform our bedroom into a tiny township, or a hotel, or a hospital or a playground.  And along with his collection of dinky toys, we’d spend hours playing out different scenarios that our imaginations let create.

In my time, the Lego was simple – small plastic bricks in red, yellow, white and the occasional black.  There weren’t too many options to choose from either but even at 3 and 4 , our little fingers were adept at making castles , buildings, farmhouses and almost anything we wanted. As the years went by, the Lego became more detailed and my daughters  collected sets that were age appropriate in bricks that were suitable for baby fingers, little fingers and finally adult fingers. This graded approach to building actually reduces the level of frustration that little fingers often face when trying to pry apart the bricks.

The Lego of my  grandchildren is even more different with its bright Duplo bricks and figures that make building worlds.

A childhood classic

This building toy is truly ageless and classic – with bricks that have stayed true even after fifty years. Our vintage Lego set still lies in my mother’s loft in the old wooden box that somehow has shrunk with age. Nor is it as heavy as it seemed. But once opened, it remains a source of  magic – a toy with endless possibilities and hours and hours of fun.

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This is my response to the prompt  A well-loved toy from my childhood as I join other bloggers at #FridayReflections hosted by Corinne and Sanch

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