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Another charming post continuing the adventures of Ms. Papaya.



Yesterday I took Ms Papaya to get her passport photo taken. Granny drove us in her trusty 13 year old Hyundai Santro to the photo studio only to be angrily waved away by the security guard: “you CAN”T even ENTER this BUILDING. I Don’t care if you have a baby, step out and walk in”…with that gracious welcome, I stepped out into the hot sun, carrying 10.3 kg of Ms Papaya, her toy bag, and my own bag.

We walked into the photo studio to hear sounds of “tuk tuk, shuk shuk, look here” “babeee” and could only see a closed glass door. I started smiling, because I realized there was another mummy and baby taking a passport photo.
When it was Ms Papaya’s turn, she looked very solemnly at the camera and refused to smile – my little owl had pursed her lips. The photographer said it was fine, but I asked to see th ephoto & to show her the photo – she looked at it, realized what it was for, and giggled at her solemn face, and so proceeded to smile, allowing us to take another 2nd, better picture.
My realization: 14 month olds know much more than we give them credit for, and these digital babies are much savvier than we think. Without any “tuk tuk” or “shuk shuk”, we got Ms Papaya to smile and give us a decent photo.
Now who would have imagined that a toddler who’s just begun to toddle will know how to choose and strike the right pose? 

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