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Grey skies from Raritan #SkywatchFriday 0

Grey skies from Raritan #SkywatchFriday

Finally this weekend the skies have been really overcast. The predicted rain showers have thankfully not fallen during the day though it is quite blustery outside. So this is how it looked most of...

What kind of parent are you? #TheItinerantBlogger 2

What kind of parent are you? #TheItinerantBlogger

The dilemma of a working mom As a mother to a 15 month old, a working mother who constantly worries that she isn’t spending much time with baby and a nerd, I’m always scouting...

Ducks & Time Zones #MondayMusings 4

Ducks & Time Zones #MondayMusings

Time zones   It is duck season in Raritan and I’m bidding Monday Goodbye . You,  probably are wishing Tuesday a very good morning ! I’ve begun my third week in a new time zone and...

Morning Sky from Raritan #SkywatchFriday 8

Morning Sky from Raritan #SkywatchFriday

Today is my third Friday in Raritan, NJ and I managed to wake up refreshed and happy to a crisp and pink tinged morning sky. Residents here are predicting a cold winter approaching soon...

#FridayReflections-My 7 favourite  movies 12

#FridayReflections-My 7 favourite movies

I grew up in an age when TV didn’t exist in my part of the world. The only entertainment we had were the movies. I was lucky enough to see a movie every week...

Thank you for the world so sweet 9

Thank you for the world so sweet

Today is World Gratitude Day and since I’m in a different time zone, I am posting this a whole day early in my new time zone and possibly a day late in my old...

Parade on a Sunday afternoon 11

Parade on a Sunday afternoon

There’s something grand about parades and I enjoy watching the bands of uniformed men march by.

#Ladies who lunch at Princeton 10

#Ladies who lunch at Princeton

With Autumn just a few days away, warm, sunny days are going to  get rarer so I asked C to take us down to Princeton for a long, lazy lunch. Ever since I saw...

Blue skies from Raritan#SkywatchFriday 3

Blue skies from Raritan#SkywatchFriday

It’s been almost two weeks since I arrived here and everytime I look out I can’t help admiring how blue the skies are!  This cloud reminded me of the rubber duckie in Ms Papaya’s...

What do you do when #BlueApron doesn’t show up? 10

What do you do when #BlueApron doesn’t show up?

#BlueApron We are currently staying in a serviced apartment in the US . Unfortunately, we aren’t running our own kitchen . And even more unfortunately dependent largely on #Uber and the kindness of friends...

 Time Zone in the New World #MondayMusings 13

 Time Zone in the New World #MondayMusings

A New World Today, as I sit on a couch in the middle of the night in what would have been the middle of the day in my Old World , I realised what...

Sharing my sky from the sky #SkywatchFriday 3

Sharing my sky from the sky #SkywatchFriday

I’ve always envied people’s sky shots from an aeroplane window. How come they always manage to capture the perfect shot? Well here are some shots of my sky from the sky.  And finally touching...

Two mugs in a bath tub 8

Two mugs in a bath tub

Mugs? What’s that? So began my first day in New Jersey. Travelling with Ms. Papaya meant that bathing her in a shower was useless . What she needed was a good old fashioned bucket...

At Schiphol where tulips are forever  2

At Schiphol where tulips are forever 

Tulips are forever With the summer coming to an end, the tulips  will soon stop blooming but at Schiphol airport there will always be hundreds of them welcoming weary travelers from all over the...

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