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It is duck season in Raritan and I’m bidding Monday Goodbye . You,  probably are wishing Tuesday a very good morning !

I’ve begun my third week in a new time zone and the jet lag is way past behind me. My brain, however, seems in its own time zone and I find myself missing cues and prompts especially for blog like these.

Thankfully, some habits die hard – like a morning walk. And even though it’s not at the crack of dawn, it is still well before noon.

The weather is turning chilly and before it becomes impossible for me to step out, I’m using every opportunity I get to walk. It’s not too hard really, because this place has NO public transport and I don’t have a car. So even if I need a pin, I just have to walk.

This morning , I didn’t need a pin . But I did need some eggs . So off I went to the nearest shop in what is now becoming Roma ritual.

Enjoying the crisp morning and the feeble sun, were the ducks I’d seen yesterday. They were closer to me and I got a chance to observe them . I found that they were diligently looking for worms (?) in the grassy field imto which water drained .

They looked so peaceful and unperturbed by the cars that zipped past as they quietly went about their business

Seeing them, I realised how comfortable they looked in this pastoral scene.

[Tweet “Ducks are migratory birds and I wonder how they cope with different time zones.”]

Any ideas anyone? 

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  1. Sounds like your mental time zone is India while the physical one is in the US. Enjoy your morning walks while you still can.

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