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I grew up in an age when TV didn’t exist in my part of the world. The only entertainment we had were the movies. I was lucky enough to see a movie every week – in some places even twice a week. And what an event it was! Being a Service establishment meant that we had dress toformally and be on our best behaviour.

In some clubs/places the films were shown on screens that flapped in the wind . In some places we saw them in plush auditoria or on a large cement screen. Sometimes we sat in separate enclosures for children. But once the lights dimmed and the shaky images came on the screen, we were all transported to another world – Tom & Jerry, Cowboys and Indians, World War 2 and a world where brothers were separated at birth and heros and heroines ran around trees.

So having seen almost a movie a week for forty years, it’s hard to say which are my 7 favourite.

However, I’ll try.

7 All time favourite movies

Sound of Music

Which child doesn’t know how to play ‘Doe a deer’ on the piano. I saw the movie at a special screening for school children and can never forget this thrilling event. That apart, the movie though cheesy and dated never fails to entertain. I ‘ve seen it countless times with my girls and want to see it with my grandchildren too!

Pretty Woman

This Richard Gere and Julia Roberts movie always brings a smile to my face . Funnily enough, it was always playing as a rerun on TV before Anna Shetty’s medical exams and seeing this was like an omen that things would go well.

I specially love the sound track and Vivienne’s shopping revenge.

Jerry Maguire

With Tom Cruise as the hero, need I say more? Besides,  who can forget the irrepressible Cuba Gooding ?

The Last Samurai

Even though this film stars Tom Cruise , I see it again and again for Sam Watanabe who plays the Japanese general.

Father of the Bride

This movie leaves me in splits everytime I see it because I can see  shades of the neurotic Mr Banks in my own husband who is absolutely bonkers and possessive about his daughters. Despite the ham handed acting of Steve Martin and Martin Short’s poor imitation of a French accent, I was fascinated by the idea of a wedding planner and the ridiculous antics of George Banks.

Chariots of Fire

This is one movie that I always watch when I’m in need of inspiration. The sheer grit and determination of the British athletes, their unfailing determination to stand by their values and the rigours of their training never fail to motivate me to keep going .

Sense and Sensibility

This classic Jane Austen romance brought to the screen by Emma Thompson is actually one movie that made me read the book! Jane Eyre had put me off Austen but this  movie made me re-visit her  prose . I now read her through mature and more appreciative eyes.

 There are more movies that I like – in Hindi and Marathi as well. But then, you won’t have time to read about them all would you? 

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  1. Some of my favourites there too. I watched Sound of Music again recently. I still loved it. I would love to know your Hindi and Marathi favourites.

  2. Some great movies there! I LOVE The Sound Of Music. Definitely one of my all time favourites. It was sad that the actress who played Liesl passed away just a few days ago. Such a timeless movie. I like your other choices too.

    1. Last year the movie celebrated 75 years and there were several articles tracing the history of the actors and I’m sure there was a photo of the original star cast as they were today…. So check on your Liesl story.

  3. All great choices except those Tom Cruise flicks. – Just not a fan. Lol.. 🙂 – The Sound of Music would have to be my favorite from your list. Anytime it’s on I watch it. I know all the songs and sing along! I do the same thing with Grease. 🙂 #fridayrefections

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