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#Ladies who lunch at Princeton

With Autumn just a few days away, warm, sunny days are going to  get rarer so I asked C to take us down to Princeton for a long, lazy lunch.

Ever since I saw the movie “A Beautiful Mind” based on the brilliant but disturbed mathematician John Nash, I’ve wanted to visit Princeton. This Ivy League college is quite close to where I am right now and it would be a shame not to visit  it.
.image for ladies who lunch  

The ivy growing on the walls giving the University its tag of “Ivy League”

After a scenic drive through farmland and forest, we came to Princeton and walked down Nassau Street to Despana – a restaurant and Tapas Cafe. 

image for ladies who lunch at Princeton
Other diners enjoying the fresh air

We decided to enjoy the outdoors too and soon settled down to some . There were several diners on the pavement , enjoying the pleasant weather so we decided to enjoy the outdoors too!

We had a simple meal, starting out with the Gambas al  ajillo ( sautéed prawns) and then the Ensalada de la Huerta (  a green salad with red Sherry vinaigrette dressing ).  Our main course was the Chorizo sandwich. (Despana is famous for its spicy, sausage)

We rounded this off with my all time favourite a smooth as velvet Caramel custard with dollops of fresh cream and slivers of strawberry.

image for ladies who lunch at Princeton
And as we ate, Ms Papaya waved hello to everyone and gobbled up the French Fries one by one. And C and I chatted about things from the past and in the present.

image for ladies who lunch at Princeton
Outside the chapel was a small courtyard with flowers under this bell to commemorate those fallen Princetonians during 7/11

After lunch we had a quick round of the famous University before returning home after a day well spent. 

image for ladies who lunch at Princeton
Walking down Nassau
Now wasn’t that a lovely way to spend a warm September day? 

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  1. Hello hello,
    Great post! And I am so happy to have chanced upon it because I am a Princeton resident 😀 I recently brunched at Despana and really liked their food. Did you do a tour of the university?

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