Two mugs in a bath tub

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Mugs? What’s that?

So began my first day in New Jersey. Travelling with Ms. Papaya meant that bathing her in a shower was useless . What she needed was a good old fashioned bucket and mug.

But in our well furnished serviced apartment there wasn’t one in sight . We set off for the nearest Target to look for a bucket/pail which we found in a jiffy. It was the mug that caused a problem.

My friend C who was taking us around the area and helping us find our feet, assured me that there are no mugs in America. She should know, I figured having lived there for over thirty years now. But I needed something to pour the water as I couldn’t continue using the silver glass meant for drinking water as  I had done for baby’s first bath.

So we looked around and scoured the whole, huge shop and found something called mug jugs or jug mugs? And in typical American fashion , we couldn’t buy just one but had to buy two!

That’s how baby now has two pink mugs to bathe with . One for her bath and the other for her duckie.

While I know only Indians have bucket baths, I wonder how Americans pour out water  without mug. 



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8 Responses

  1. Lata Sunil says:

    I am wondering now.. how do they do it? I mean, do they never need a mug??

  2. Yeah this reminds me of my life in Russia two years back. I was in a similar situation seeking a bucket and a mug. The issue was I did not know where to go looking for one in moscow and nor did I know what I should call one. After a great effort at dumb charades , I managed to communicate my requirement to a shop, and in true russian style where everything is plus size, I got a bucket , well it was actually as big as a drum and a mug two times the size of its Indian counterpart
    Ramya Abhinand recently posted…A Forgotten Affair -By Kanchana BanerjeeMy Profile

  3. You are talking about abroad. After marriage, my hubby wouldnt let me keep a bucket in the newly renovated bathroom with modern fittings, coz why would you need a Bucket when you have the shower.
    My MIL came to my rescue, saying forget baths, how are you going to hand-wash clothes.
    After my son we have 2 mugs in each bathroom. why? Same. 1 for me and 1 for his bath toys :p

  4. Really Really Strange……

    How can one live without a mug….

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