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Monthly Archive: October 2016

Despite it all I find myself at the bottom of the mountain still #FridayReflections 11

Despite it all I find myself at the bottom of the mountain still #FridayReflections

  Here I am at the foot of the mountain and see the top ahead of me , tall, reaching out to the sky. The lofty goals I ‘d set myself .  Often  I had imagined , how  it would...

Autumn skies from Cleveland  #SkywatchFriday 8

Autumn skies from Cleveland #SkywatchFriday

Even though it was Saturday when I flew into Cleveland and Tuesday when I flew out, I was fortunate enough to capture some beautiful sky. The first day the sky was overcast but the bright pumpkins outside brightened up the...

I’m in a total mess 0

I’m in a total mess

To all those who know me and to all those who don’t : This is a call out for HELP. This time I’m in a mess and don’t know what to do. Typically I jump in the water before I...

Do you really want to know? #FridayReflections 16

Do you really want to know? #FridayReflections

Why would you really want to know things about me ? After all I’m not famous nor will I ever be I am not witty nor particularly pretty I love sunny days And hot soup in winter Chic flicks bring...

Image for Raritan Sky 3

More Raritan Skies #SkywatchFriday

Still in Jersey and sharing skies from this week. I can’t resist adding this photo of the  building in Jersey city that reflected the clouds in its mirrored elevation. And finally this gorgeous one of the New York skyline. Irresistible...


Autumn leaves #instamagicalart

I was walking home this morning when I noticed that there were more coloured leaves than when I first came here. While October’s  cold days were interspersed with hot ones, I feel that from the next week the north wind...

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty 6

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty


How I nearly missed visiting the Statue of Liberty

Strange as it may sound, despite 2 visits to New York (albeit day trips) 0ver 4 visits to the US, I never managed to visit the Statue of Liberty. Now every tourist knows this is a major omission, something that...

An unequal equality #MondayMusings 4

An unequal equality #MondayMusings

  An unequal equality   Nabanita’s  post on the blatant misogyny in the US election campaign had me thinking about gender discrimination. Sadly, men and women are not the same . This is physically very obvious. No matter how much we may...

The life I’m leading #FridayReflections 9

The life I’m leading #FridayReflections

. Did you think you’d be doing what you’re currently doing in life? Write a personal essay. I sit by myself, alone in the dim light. The comforting sound of the dishwasher keeps me company as does a hum of...

Cold Moon Shining 6

Cold Moon Shining

As night falls and the sky darkens a cold moon climbs upwards bathing the world witb a chilly incandescent Silver light.   I lie upon my empty bed with memories of what we shared once , long ago before the...

Finally a Raritan sunrise 0

Finally a Raritan sunrise

It’s slowly getting colder every day and this morning was particularly misty as though we were in a cloud. So I was glad to capture this early morning g sunrise earlier this week. It’s beautiful isnt it ? Linking up...

My #Instamagicalart 7

My #Instamagicalart

Last night I was suffering from a tremendous bout of insomnia. With no book to read, I began fiddling with my iPhone and came upon PRISMA (yes I know its late in the day) .  I had been meaning to...

When sleep eludes you 3

When sleep eludes you

If you’re like me and tossing and turning  And wondering what to do. Just whip out your iPhone And download PRISMA Then unfold the magic one by one.  Open your photos And …… Sharing two creations before my battery dies...

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