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Despite it all I find myself at the bottom of the mountain still #FridayReflections 11

Despite it all I find myself at the bottom of the mountain still #FridayReflections

  Here I am at the foot of the mountain and see the top ahead of me , tall, reaching out to the sky. The lofty goals I ‘d set myself .  Often  I...

Autumn skies from Cleveland  #SkywatchFriday 8

Autumn skies from Cleveland #SkywatchFriday

Even though it was Saturday when I flew into Cleveland and Tuesday when I flew out, I was fortunate enough to capture some beautiful sky. The first day the sky was overcast but the...

I’m in a total mess 0

I’m in a total mess

To all those who know me and to all those who don’t : This is a call out for HELP. This time I’m in a mess and don’t know what to do. Typically I...

Do you really want to know? #FridayReflections 16

Do you really want to know? #FridayReflections

Why would you really want to know things about me ? After all I’m not famous nor will I ever be I am not witty nor particularly pretty I love sunny days And hot...

Image for Raritan Sky 3

More Raritan Skies #SkywatchFriday

Still in Jersey and sharing skies from this week. I can’t resist adding this photo of the  building in Jersey city that reflected the clouds in its mirrored elevation. And finally this gorgeous one...


Autumn leaves #instamagicalart

I was walking home this morning when I noticed that there were more coloured leaves than when I first came here. While October’s  cold days were interspersed with hot ones, I feel that from...

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty 6

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty


How I nearly missed visiting the Statue of Liberty

Strange as it may sound, despite 2 visits to New York (albeit day trips) 0ver 4 visits to the US, I never managed to visit the Statue of Liberty. Now every tourist knows this...

An unequal equality #MondayMusings 4

An unequal equality #MondayMusings

  An unequal equality   Nabanita’s  post on the blatant misogyny in the US election campaign had me thinking about gender discrimination. Sadly, men and women are not the same . This is physically very obvious....

The life I’m leading #FridayReflections 9

The life I’m leading #FridayReflections

. Did you think you’d be doing what you’re currently doing in life? Write a personal essay. I sit by myself, alone in the dim light. The comforting sound of the dishwasher keeps me...

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