Day: 1 October 2016


The Diary of a Muddling Blogger

In the beginning Pixabay Believe it or not, I was never into journaling even though I had a Dear Diary.  I actually wanted first dibs for every diary that came to the house at the end of each year. I imagined it would be a literary treasure in each day, the diary of my momentous …

Guest Posts, Opinions

Benefits of Yoga #Guest Post 5 

I came across Rajalakshmi during this year’s A to Z challenge .She is  a “Software Engineer by profession, a dreamer by choice. Apart from coding bugs for livelihood, she indulges in Crafts and Writing to keep her creativity alive. Loves reading sci-fi, creating shape poetries and paper quilling models, watching Korean movies and is somehow ‘unknowingly’ …


One thing I’d like to change#FridayReflections

What me change?  Why should I ?  I am unique. Aren’t we all? There’s only one of me in this world and only one of you . So doesn’t that make us perfect ? But obviously we are human and as humans we have faults . And my faults are plenty .  And there are …