Autumn skies from Cleveland #SkywatchFriday

Even though it was Saturday when I flew into Cleveland and Tuesday when I flew out, I was fortunate enough to capture some beautiful sky.

Image for Image for Pumpkins in Cleveland

The first day the sky was overcast but the bright pumpkins outside brightened up the grey.

Image for a yellow tree in Cleveland
I did manage a photo of a tree with yellow leaves.
Image for autumn in Cleveland

And all over I could see the brilliant foliage that had changed so dramatically almost overnight .

Image for a sunrise in Cleveland

I couldnt resist capturing this sunrise from a picture frame window that framed each scene so perfectly.


And finally it was goodbye to a Cleveland sky that was just turning pink in the morning sun.

Shared memories of two childhood friends

I had gone to Cleveland to visit with a childhood friend and I not only shared her coat but all the memories we had amassed over the years. With all the pounds that we’d put on, the grey hairs that we’d acquired and the new events in our lives, we had a lot to catch up with! 

We did what old  friends always do – gossip, relax and chill. Both  of us are on the wrong side of fifty.  Yet it was amazing how we could not only recollect  but also sing some of the songs from our childhood. And no they weren’t “Old Macdonald” and other songs from the nursery but genuine  45 RPM vinyl Rock & Roll of the 60s that’s used to blare out on our parents’ turntables. 

After a wonderful weekend break, it’s now back to Raritan for a Diwali sky dawning to another autumnal celebration.

Happy Diwali to all and may the coming year be full of peace, health and happiness.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely pics, Sunita! Good to know you had a lovely time, catching up with a friend. It’s a wonderful feeling and I bet you both made the most of this time spent together.

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