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Is your statue in the right niche? 

What is a niche?

A niche is an architectural feature whose purpose is to provide a space for storage or embellishment.

The dictionary defines it as

niːʃ,nɪtʃ/ (noun)

a shallow recess, especially one in a wall to display a statue or other ornament.

synonyms: recess, alcove, nook, cranny, slot, slit, hollow, bay, cavity, cubbyhole, pigeonhole, opening, aperture; mihrab

and is used like so –

“in a niche in the wall is a statue of St John”

Image of a niche

According to Blogging Gurus, a niche is the category in which you blog

  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Creative writing
  • Photography
  • Food
  • Parenting
  • Motivational
  • Spiritual
  • Health

I love assorted chocolates

Hey ! You forgot mish mash!  I simply love assorted chocolates . And most people love a mix too.

I have a lot of interests and I don’t just want to concentrate on that . In fact most of the bloggers I follow have varied interests and varied topics they write about.

These are a few of my favourite blogs

(Sung to the tune of the similar song from the musical -Sound of Music) 

While all these bloggers have their favourite topics, they offer their readers a mixed bag.

On the other hand there are blogs in a specific niche  such as

I don’t want to offend the other bloggers I visit regularly, but if I do mention all of them, it would fill up a whole page! So please excuse me for not acknowledging you here.

Niche blogging helps and I have two other blogs which concentrate on food ( and parenting. But for the sake of readers who couldn’t be bothered visiting different blogs, I have this “Lifestyle “blog .

So on Day 5 of #UBC and # Daily Chatter , I want to ask the reader

” Have  you put the right statue in the right niche? ”


image for niche

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