In search of the California Redwood#MondayMusings

Looking for the California Redwood

“What would you like to see? ” asked Cousin R. 

“A redwood forest,” said I promptly as I wanted to see the famed California Redwoods. Promptly he arranged to go for a hike in Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve  rather than a leisurely stroll in Muir Woods which is what most tourists do.  But I must confess that hiking is not my forte especially when it meant walking down a mile in my high heeled boots and hiking back up again!

So after a few yards down and the mandatory photo op, we changed gears and headed downtown for a quick visit of the city. 

Being an adventurous foodie, Cousin R treated me to a Peruvian lunch at Limon which was a great introduction to an exotic cuisine in a hip and trendy restaurant in the heart of the foodie district. With cafes and bistros providing every kind of food , we had plans of cafe hopping but unfortunately had to push it to another visit another time. 

[Tweet “Did you know that Peruvian cuisine is distinguished by it a unique mix of Japanese and Spanish influences? “]

We washed down our meal with a yummy ice cream before heading down to the iconic Palace of Fine Arts. After a quick stroll around the grounds we went down to the Golden Gate to see another magnificent sunset.

Time difference

The Supermoon is rising as I write this post but for most of you it is already Tuesday morning!

Not only is there a time difference that I am unfamiliar with but it is the early moonrise at just 6 pm that I find strangely disconcerting.  Imagine being plunged into darkness at a time when I normally have my evening cup of tea?

Far away from all that is familiar to me, I can’t help wondering at how all of us are doing such diverse things at exactly the same moment . Here I am getting ready for dinner while some of you are getting your breakfasts ready. Or some of you are already fast asleep while yet others are busy at work.

Making memories, sharing memories

Despite infrequent meetings as cousins while growing up, we still managed to foster bonds that want to make us meet again. And thanks to technology, physical distances are covered with FaceTime, Facebook and Whatsapp.

And thanks to Apps like Ripl, I can share memories of SFO with you !

Is technology your friend or foe?

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  1. Technology is my lovely friend ☺though sometimes it eats my time and gets annoying.

  2. Jsackmom says:

    The Redwood forest is a beautiful sight. I saw it a long while ago as a child and again on my honeymoon. As for technology I’m grateful I can keep in touch with family and friends. Yet nothing is more special than a phone call and handwritten letter. ?

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