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A fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a ________ and there was a _________. One day _______happened and then _______ did ________and they lived happily ever after .

Oh ! How I love this simple format of storytelling where the blanks can be filled with people, dragons, monsters , fairies and all kinds of creatures real or make believe. These characters come together,confront each other, fight each other, collaborate and eventually solve the issue and live happily ever after.

Fairy tales are true!

How simple this sounds. Yet, this formula is rooted in reality. We all have demons that plague us every day. Whether it is the fear of losing something or someone or an actuality we are facing , our monsters are real.  We all have our insecurities and worries.  We have our dragons that torment, our fears that paralyse us and fairies that help us. We have guardian angels that watch out for us and witches that put spells on us. We rant and we rave. We take positive steps. We make multiple attempts to solve the problem. But oftentimes, we come up against blank walls and diversions that force us to re-think our strategy and often start afresh.

But the lessons that we learn through the stories of Goldilocks , Sleeping Beauty , Hansel and Gretel, Alice in Wonderland or the Water Babies remain with us all through our lives. Taking inspiration from them, we bumble our way through to find a way through the quagmire. Eventually we emerge happy and content.

A Happily Ever After

Conditioned to fall asleep to fairy tales as a child and later on a book at night, I often find the day’s events running through my mind as I settle down to bed.  Reliving the immediate past helps in refocusing and realigning my thoughts and helps me prepare for the next day. While I connect the dots and untangle the knots the goal  of living happily ever after, guides me  forward with a sense of calm.

I believe that monsters and fairies who  exist in an imaginary world can be slain in our own worlds too. Their tales of courage and adventure  weave a magical blanket that makes me believe that I can be a dragon slayer too! There is always a wicked witch in the background, there is always a devil waiting to trip me up but thanks to the fairy tales of my childhood I know there is always a happily ever after !

Do you believe in the magic of fairy tales? Are you a dragon slayer? Do you rescue lost children and kiss sleeping princesses awake? 

Do share your real life  fairy tale .

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  1. Parul Thakur says:

    A lovely food for thought. As I read through your post, I realized that I haven’t thought about these fairy tales since I left reading them.
    I now believe in happily ever after and that all things lead to something good. One needs to believe.
    Parul Thakur recently posted…My top 5 strengthsMy Profile

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