My #SupermoonMonday

Do you remember Kohoutek?

Well in case you don’t, it was a comet, the first very comet I saw shooting across my Mumbai sky. 

I don’t know why but shooting stars and comets are rarely seen in my sky. On the other hand, a million stars twinkle through the night especially on a moonless night. 

Or is it that I don’t look up unless something spectacular is happening in the sky above ? 

Like the Supermoon that loomed up high behind a misty, cloudy sky? 

Unfortunately when the moon was just rising , the trees were hiding it from view so I couldn’t capture it in all its glory.

However I was glad to have glimpsed this moon that has been the closest to the earth it has ever been for the past 68 years. 

The next time this will happen is supposed to be on 25th November 2034.

I should be over 3/4ths of a century old by then! 


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6 Responses

  1. Ramya says:

    It’s nice to see the bright moon yesterday. I think, we should have a DSLR to capture perfectly. I couldn’t capture properly with my mobile.

  2. Shalini says:

    That’s a beautiful click. I saw the moon but didn’t click a pic.
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    • Bellybytes says:

      Thanks for stopping by but frankly it’s wasn’t as bright as it was the night before when the sky was clear . And the evening before I saw the moonlight dancing over the water by the Bay Bridge and it was truly magical!

  3. Esha M Dutta says:

    That was a nice capture, Sunita. I tried to take a few shots but the sky being cloudy, none of the shots came out clear ūüôĀ

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