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7 ways to keep little ones busy after Christmas is over

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7 ways to keep little ones busy after Christmas is over

#Christmas is over but the #holidays are not

The children have long eaten the  chocolate advent calendar  that kept them busy   busy before Christmas is eaten.

Santa has come and gone. The Christmas crackers have popped but the holidays still are on. 

This can be quite a tiring time for moms who have kids at home on holidays. Especially in a city like Mumbai which has very little for little ones to do.

Keeping children occupied and out of mischief is always a challenge . While older children can see a movie or visit  an aunt or friend, it is the little ones who need more planned activities.

Here are a few ideas to keep them busy

Recycle or pass on.

With Christmas out of the way, this is a great time to take stock of all the toys, books and games  that the child has. Santa must have come laden with gifts so it is time to pass on old books or toys to make way for the new. If there are some needy kids around, you can pass these on. Else, call up the “jaripuranawallah” or make a visit to the neighbourhood old paperwallah and get rid of the stuff. This activity will not only help keep clutter down but will help reinforce the concept of recycling

Memory collage

With all the wrapping paper generated, help make a memory collage. Cut out the paper into Christmas tree shapes , bell shapes and star shapes and help your little one make a Christmas collage to remind him/her of the wonderful Christmas just spent.


Go for a ride


With the weather being the best it can get in Mumbai, this is the perfect time to take a ride around the neighbourhood. In a bus! After all this is one way to get the child on top of “The Wheels of the Bus” ! Find a bus route close to your house, one that is interesting and fun and just hop on. Be prepared to spend an hour or two singing the song or just watching the different people getting on and off. If there is a park nearby, this would be one good place to get off.

In case it is easy for you to hop on to the local train, do that instead. I know my little grandson loved his train ride from Churchgate to Charni Road station in a train that was thankfully empty.

Discover the market



Another interesting activity is a visit to the local market. With the markets flooded with fresh fruit and vegetables choosing oranges and making them into marmalade is great fun.

An equally interesting is to select flowers. Else you can feed the cow some grass. ( most markets have a cow!)


Clean up

The best way to keep busy minds busy is to keep their hands busy. Channelise your toddler’s energy into helping round the house. While you are busy tidying up, your little one can help you make piles of what to keep and what to throw. Use his help in pushing cartons around, pegging the wash on the line, keeping things back in place and sorting out stuff.

Dance the blues away

Children love music and are always ready to dance. So put on some peppy music and have an aerobic workout with your little one. You’ll be surprised at the moves they can come up with.



Plant a carrot top


Feathery carrot leaves that sprout from a carrot top are simply fascinating. This is an activity that can be done any time of year but I think it’s a great activity during the Winter break.

All you need to do is fill a flat bowl with water and chop off a bit of the carrot top. Keep it in a sunny place for a few days and within days, the green feathery leaves will sprout. In Mumbai homes where space is hard to come by this is a great little garden for little ones to develop.

I may be a bit late but the holidays are still on aren’t they? So do try out these activities before the little ones go back to school!

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