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Going up and going down #Lift experience 

A Lift Experience  Like any normal persons, the first thing we did upon checking into the #CitySeasonsTowers Hotel at Dubai was to make our way to the room we we’re allotted .  I was...

Image for One Indian Girl 8

One Indian Girl #2017 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

One Indian Girl   Yipee! 1 down and 23 to go! I actually managed to read a book this week. And that too in a day. For those who know my life, this is...

An appeal to all humans #MondayMusings 9

An appeal to all humans #MondayMusings

Dear Humans Do you remember that beautiful hymn “All Things Bright and Beautiful?” How many of you have sung this in school? For those of you who haven’t heard of it,  I will play...

Love Birds in waiting  #FridayFotoFiction Week 9 8

Love Birds in waiting #FridayFotoFiction Week 9

Love Birds in waiting “Oh no! It’s not yet time.  Another hour before she comes home from school. She must let us out before her mother comes home.” “Patience dear, I’m sure she’ll come....

The bench #FridayFotoFiction 7

The bench #FridayFotoFiction

Everyday as I walk I find the bench beckoning to me . “Come sit down and rest ” But I continue walking. With steady resolve I continue . “I will walk past you, ”...

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