Alas! my changing Skyline #SkywatchFriday 1

Image of my changing skyline

My changing skyline.

It’s a week into the new year and even though I’ve been back for a month now, it was only yesterday that I found time to look out of my balcony and observe the skyline – my favourite past time.

However, I was aghast to find the gorgeous Imperial Towers that reached out to the sky, dwarfed and even hidden by a new monstrosity that is still climbing higher!

Image for my changing skyline

What was worse was the tiny little bungalow that I used to look down on, growing into another tower that will soon spoil my unsullied view of the Queen’s Necklace.

Image of my changing skyline

However, all things change and thirty years is a long time for things to remain static.

I remember when I first saw this view, I could look out to the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. This funny shaped mountain that I could see in the distance is a little known natural bird park near Mumbai.  On a clear day ( which is another rarity these days) I could see the shoreline of Mandwa and Alibag  hugging the mainland.

With the rampant and unregulated construction going on, it won’t be long before I will be only see a peep of sky from my balcony. I hope I’m wrong because I do enjoy watching the world go by from my little perch up in the sky.

Do join me and other bloggers from around the world who share their skies on #SkywatchFriday

Happy Weekend all!

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10 Comments on “Alas! my changing Skyline #SkywatchFriday 1

  1. Hi there, your world is so different to mine. You were lucky to have an unchanging skyline for so long. I popped over here from Skywatch Friday. Greetings. Jo (South Africa)

    1. I do have a good view. It used to be great 30 years ago when I could really see the entire city. Now these tall buildings interrupt my view and I’m scared it won’t be long before the skyline will be visible only in parts…

    1. I agree about the trees and clear air. It beats tall buildings any day. You are lucky to have a great view of a natural skyline rather than skyscrapers….

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