Going up and going down #Lift experience 

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A Lift Experience 

Like any normal persons, the first thing we did upon checking into the #CitySeasonsTowers Hotel at Dubai was to make our way to the room we we’re allotted . 

I was on a much needed R &R break and was accompanying Hubby Dear on his business trip. 

Our welcome to Dubai was not without its hassles – we had a pretty rough touch down which actually had me gripping the edge of my seat while the plane rattled and shook and rumbled to a halt. Then we had an excruciating hour’s wait in the ten turned snaky line. 

So when we checked in to the spanking new hotel literally across the road from the Kris Kin hotel we’d stayed in on an earlier trip, we were longing to get up to our room and out of our travel mode.

We went to the Lift Lobby and jumped straight into the first  lift that miraculously opened within seconds of our reaching there. Once inside, we looked for our floor number and found a panel with completely unfamiliar signage. There were four large buttons of different colours and that was it!

Immediately, I whipped out my spectacles and peered closely to see if there was anything I was familiar with. I could only recognise the symbols for opening and shutting the doors but that wasn’t of much use.

Strangers to the rescue. 

Luckily by then the lift reached a stop and an Indian couple stepped in. They seemed quit relaxed as the lift made its way up without them pressing any buttons. Trying not to look like yokels, we shamelessly asked them how they magically directed the lift to their destination. 

The gentleman gamely informed us that we should get off on their floor while he explained to us how to go up and down. 

Going up and coming down

Stepping out,  he told us that the controls were on the outside panel. 

“Press the number of the floor you want to go to and enter the lift that is indicated to you “. 

Thus saying, he pressed our floor for us and we waited for the indicated cab to arrive and let us in. 

That was quite an experience for us who are not unfamiliar with International travel. 

In fact these are the kind of experiences that make me marvel at the skill of international spies who always seem to know exactly how to go from A to B with utmost confidence. 

Doesn’t that amaze you too? 

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  1. Melissa says:

    I’ve definitely never come across a system like the one you were in. Hope you had a nice holiday once it was all figured out 😀
    Melissa recently posted…On the Cusp of SpringMy Profile

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