Me Weird?

What me weird?

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Ever since I can remember , people have described me as weird. I often wonder why because as far as I’m concerned I have two eyes like everyone, a nose like everyone, a mouth like everyone. You get the drift don’t you?

So why do you call me weird I want to ask.

Is it because I speak my mind?
Is it because I don’t care that I’m not the belle of the ball?

Is it because I’m not embarrassed to be seen in my pyjamas?

Is it because I’m not very tall? (And don’t wear high heels or stilletos to be 6 feet tall)

I’m not very thin and I talk too much?

I have a loud voice and am a bit hard of hearing.

I don’t love exercising nor do I love eating.

I’m scared of the dark and thunder and lightening.

I’m frightened of water and just don’t like swimming.

I love chocolates and cheese and a good glass of wine.

But isn’t all this normal?

What most people like?

I’m generally peace loving but have a foul temper too.

I can scream like a banshee if I feel the need to.

But isn’t this normal or do you still think

That I’m weird?

SO if I am weird please tell me what’s normal!

How to define weird

According to the dictionary weird means suggesting something supernatural; unearthly. Now I definitely am not supernatural or unearthly so I wonder why I’m called weird. Besides,  if being oneself is weird then aren’t we all guilty of being weird?

And what amazes me is the ease with which people tell me to my face that I’m weird. I often feel like telling them that they are definitely rude for being so forthright and frank . I just keep quiet and let them continue thinking I’m weird.

Is this weird?


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Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

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