The bench #FridayFotoFiction

The bench #FridayFotoFiction

Everyday as I walk I find the bench beckoning to me .

“Come sit down and rest ”

But I continue walking. With steady resolve I continue .

“I will walk past you, ” I tell the bench , “even if it kills me .”

I take the second round and the third. By the time I begin my fourth round , I’ve begun to work up a sweat. I run my fingers through my sticky hair.

I see the bench looming ahead. “Come , sit down” I hear its taunt”.

I finish my walk, the sixth round  passing the bench for the last time.

“See you tomorrow!”

I was intrigued by the #FridayFotoFiction and found it an interesting linkup party hosted by Tina Basu.

Also linking this up with Corinne’s #MondayMusings 

and since I’m already in it for this month,

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