Vine of Desire #TeaserTuesday

Ever since I saw Lata’s first post on this meme, I’ve been intrigued . I wanted to join up two Tuesdays ago but reading has become more than a luxury for me these days . However , I still managed to read the first 100 pages of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s book “Vine of Desire” . […]


Why did you leave us so? #Friday Foto Fiction

  Mama tells me that I was two months old when Uncle Joe took this picture. I had just started opening my fist and reaching out . How you were proud and pleased! This was yet another testament in your tumultuous love story : a lasting proof of your undying love. You promised us lifelong […]

Image for Opera Chandelier

Operatic Experience – La Boheme revisited

One night at the Opera Opera in Mumbai? At least from what I remember, Opera in Mumbai is a no show. We’ve had our musicals but those are not the same as the trilling sopranos and divas that characterize classical opera. This isn’t really surprising because Mumbai is not on the cultural circuit of Western […]

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Why Shop? A new shopping paradigm

Why Shop? For some people shopping is a passion. For some it is a vocation I should know all about shoppers and shopping because my mother is an inveterate shopper. In fact she is an addict. She can find any shop anywhere even in the middle of no where. Of course this annoys my father […]

An ordinary life

  My mother tells me that it was a spicy samosa and a rocky rickshaw ride in Pune that made me want to come into the world several weeks before my time.Thankfully, after this dramatic entry into the world, the rest of my life has been very ordinary: in fact some would prefer to call […]