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My first visit to the Dubai Mall was in 2015 during my very brief visit to the City.   I thought it would be my last visit as there are very few places I visit multiple times. But I was proved wrong when I visited Dubai yet  again this year. There is something magical about this place even though it is hot.  It slowly weaves a spell around you with its ultra modern chic blending seamlessly with its ancient culture and you land up visiting it again and again.

My primary reason for this visit was to have a few days of rest and recreation. I had visions of lying in bed all day, catching up with my reading and possibly surfing channels while mindlessly watching tv. 

The magic of Dubai Mall

But the lure of shopping is hard to resist especially when you are staying in a hotel on a busy street like Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Rd. This hotel has two restaurants so it was only natural that we stepped out to eat. And with many of the eateries situated in the nearby Burjuman Mall, it wasn’t long before I succumbed to window shopping .

And finally, I couldn’t resist going to that ultimate shopping destination : The Dubai Mall.

This is truly a testament to man’s desire for luxury. Spread over a large acreage in the vicinity of the towering Burj Khalifa, one can truly spend hours in this mall and not get bored. Infact this is one place which is a MUST for all visitors to Dubai – even those who hate shopping.

Because in The Dubai Mall, you can do a hundreds of things apart from shopping.

#1. Eating

Image for Ice cream at the Mall

Many people watch the fountains while eating at one of the many restaurants at the Mall. However, with the show beginning at 6, I couldn’t indulge in this. I did however, manage to savour a yummy hazelnut icecream at Rubicons.

#2. Shopping

Since my main aim was to shop for Tom Ford’s lipstick, I just had to do that. It was fun browsing the mall looking around for the shops. They are easy to locate because there are many interactive booths where one can find whatever it is you are looking for – right from shops to rest room stops.

The mall is beautifully decorated with different motifs and you can’t help admiring the artwork you see.

#3. Visiting the Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

#4. Meeting.Image for Umbrellas at Dubai Mall

Last but not least was the most fulfilling part of my visit to the Mall : meeting up with an old school friend.

P is a dear friend who has been in Dubai for the last three decades. During these years our interactions have been infrequent  and we have kept in touch largely through mail and brief visits during her trips to Bombay. I was thrilled that she could come and meet me despite her bad back . I will never forget that enjoyable visit as we exchanged news and gossip over a cup of coffee in the Starbucks off a corridor with a canopy of coloured umbrellas.

So don’t you think a trip to the Dubai Mall is definitely worth it? 

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