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In search of Tom Ford

“Mom please get me Tom Ford’s Leonardo No 40”

I was surprised at this cryptic message from Anna Shetty on my penultimate day in New Jersey.

Who and what was Tom Ford? And what was Tom Ford’s Leonardo No. 40

That it turns out was none other than a LIPSTICK!!!

A passion for fashion

Let me confess, I am a secret bimbette. I’m not a natty dresser, nor am I a fashionista but I have a passion for fashion and an interest in cosmetics that is inversely proportional to my real life appearance. Indeed most salespersons are amused at this diminutive, frizzy haired granny approaching them for advice on high end make up and high fashion garments many sizes smaller! Of course I make a disclosure that the product in question is NOT for me but my young daughters who I must also confess are not into high fashion either.

So I was rather surprised that Anna Shetty asked for TOM FORD.

Unfortunately TOM FORD was not available at the Duty Free at JFK nor did I find it at the Duty Free at Abu Dhabi. Infact I had quite forgotten about it till I spied a counter selling Tom Ford at Layal, a cosmetic store in Burjuman Mall.

“Madame we don’t carry Tom Ford make up, ” said Ahmed, the chic and very well informed salesperson, ” You could try at the Dubai Mall”.

That was all the incentive I needed to go shopping.

In Dubai for a short rest, I wasn’t really interested in going to the Dubai Mall just to look around . But now , with a mission to accomplish , it was definitely worth doing .

Going to the Dubai Mall

Sharing my plans with my breakfast companions, one of them offered her NOL Metro Card . ” All you have to do is top it up and you’re free to jump in and out of the train and a bus!”

That seemed too good an offer to refuse. I immediately took  the Dubai Metro Card and made my way down to Burjuman Metro Station. Even though it was the morning rush hour, getting into the train was easy. I boarded the special compartment for women and children and by the next stop it was really crowded. Unlike the Mumbai suburban train experience, this was less traumatic even though we were packed from door to door. By the time the train reached the Financial Centre station, most of the passengers had got off so the last bit of the ride was really very comfortable.


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In just 5 Dhirams I could go to and fro.
Getting off at the station, I began my 15 minute walk to the mall. It felt a bit like being in a sci-fi movie where faceless people walk back and forth on motorised travelators .

Finally! I reached the Mall and I could begin my quest .

All you can do at the Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is a fascinating place where one can easily spend the day shopping ( both buying and seeing). You can spend time at the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo which is a unique experience in itself. You can dine at one of the many restaurants that you can find all over the place. And of course you could skate on the ice. You can stay in the hotel I spent a lovely day at the mall that included a trip to the aquarium and underwent zoo.

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Don’t forget to watch this space to find out what I did at the Dubai Mall


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