Why Shop? A new shopping paradigm

Why Shop?

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For some people shopping is a passion. For some it is a vocation

I should know all about shoppers and shopping because my mother is an inveterate shopper. In fact she is an addict. She can find any shop anywhere even in the middle of no where. Of course this annoys my father no end . Because she not only shops, but she believes it is a sport.

Why Shop? he always asks her

“Because it’s there!” is her prompt answer and indeed, like the hawk eyed hunter, she looks around and immediately  spies the object. Then its a few minutes of practiced haggling before she walks off with the prize.

Not content with that, she then goes on to find better bargains if any and then consoles herself that either she has got a better deal or congratulates herself if she really has!

It is no wonder then, that my father prefers not to go shopping with her – not even for the things he needs. He just gives her his list and waits for her to bring them home. And if by chance he happens to be around while she finds something she just must buy, he waits outside the shop – sulking like a little boy in a corner.

Shoppers and shopping

Luckily for my shopaphobic father no other person in my family shares this trait save my daughter who has  inherited this passion. Unlike my mother who has the patience and time to look from shop to shop, my daughter has to restrict her shopping sprees. But fortunately, with the internet, there is a new shopping paradigm – the online shop.


Shopping online is the new way to shop and stores like Amazon and Flipkart make life easier for shoppers. Now serious shoppers don’t have to scour bazaars in the hot sun. All they have to do is press buttons here and there and la voila. Within hours or days, their product is delivered at home.

Whether it is groceries, or perfumes , floral gifts  or clothes, shopping is a breeze.

Paying for goods is easy too! With apps like Paytm and online banking that allows you to access your millions from the comfort of your home.

Consumer paradise

With more and more people connected to the virtual world where everything is really possible, consumers have never had it so easy. Especially for those online shoppers who actually land up saving more as they buy more. Strange isn’t it? I don’t really understand the logic but my daughter tells me that with all the cash back and other discounts available, very often she buys things for less than half the price.

So what are you waiting for? Just surf the net and click away.

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