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Last Fall when I went to New Jersey, I was amazed at how the foliage changed from green to brown, yellow and orange even before they finally fell off in November. Though we in Mumbai are facing a blazing summer, there is no sign yet of the brilliant red and orange blossoms of  Gulmohar which is, quite frankly, a rare species with new buildings taking up the place of old trees. However, Parul’s post brought back memories of my Fall Foliage in New Jersey so I thought I’d share my Fall colours in Summer.

For some strange reason, whenever I see a tree, the words of Joyce Kilmer resound in my mind.

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
You can read the rest of this poem here . 
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Hope you enjoy my Fall colours in Summer
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Author: Unishta

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  1. Beautiful fall colours, Sunita. Thanks much for sharing these. I can see how everywhere the weather is getting rather unpredictable. Nothing like the sight of a Gulmohar in full bloom! Perhaps you need to wait a few more weeks for that!

    1. I agree. It’s harder to travel in India in the cold weather than it is to travel in the US….We Mumbaikars are not used to bundling up in layers and woollies….So I will have to see Fall in the US rather than in India 😉

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