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This December past was a very busy month with visitors coming down from all over the world. Cousins and friends came from near and far but one special visitor who came from a world far removed from us was Dr.Prakash Amte. He came to tea with his wife Dr. Mandakini and shared with us their experiences with the Madia-Gonds of Ghadchiroli district.

Baba Amte brings instant recall to many Indian minds because of his service to the lepers of India. Very few know that his son Dr.Prakash Amte is also a Magsaysay Awardee for his work amongst the tribals of  Ghadchiroli District a remote and particularly backward part of Vidharbha.

Dr. Amte has been ably assisted by his wife Mandakini and supported by his children too.

You can read all about this remarkable family and their organisation here.

What I admire about the Amtes is that they do not seek to modify the lifestyle of the Adivasis but just help them with the advances in modern medicine . The hospital that they have established is one that will put many urban facilities to shame.

And what I find even more amazing is the fact that the Amtes could raise their own children in the wild without compromising on their education or their ability to integrate with the modern world. Click To Tweet

The world needs more people like the Amtes doesn’t it ? 

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