Daily Archive: April 27, 2017

Past fast-forward ? #HalfGirlfriend 18

Past fast-forward ? #HalfGirlfriend

  Another 3 am alarm wakes me from a half sleep. I’m getting to be quite good at this. Waking up at unearthly hours to catch the first flight to somewhere.  Gingerly getting out...

Weaving yarns #A to Z Challenge 10

Weaving yarns #A to Z Challenge

Weaving Yarns. Over the past three weeks, I’ve learnt a lot about the different kinds of weaves from India. It has been an interesting journey for me and I hope it has been equally...

Image for Valkalam 3

Valkalam and Venkatgiri #AtoZChallenge 2017

I’m afraid there’s been a delay in posting V but there was a major miscalculation of time on my part . I had a ton of things to do , and too little time...

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