Day: April 28, 2017


The X Factor #AtoZChallenge 2017

  What is the X Factor? X is a toughie in whichever theme you choose. I am sure that everyone has had to scratch their heads real hard for this one.And many like me must have tweaked things a bit just so that they fit with the alphabet. Well, I am using X to describe …


Mira the Handloom Crusader #WATWB

With many women giving up the traditional sari for more contemporary attire,the ancient craft of handloom sari weaving is an endangered skill. But thanks to the passion of a handful of of people, like Mira,  the sari and its weavers are being given a new lease of life.   The Handloom Crusader Mira Sagar is …


#SkywatchFriday : Sunrise through the window – Wishing April Goodbye

Wishing April Goodbye   Yet another #SkywatchFriday and yet another weekend. It’s also time to wish April Goodbye. For us in India, this is an important milestone. It marks  the end of the first month of FY 2017-18. On the 1st of April, every year, we open our new books of accounts with a new …