#SkywatchFriday : Sunrise through the window – Wishing April Goodbye

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Waking up to see the sun trapped in the window before it rises to meet the clouds in the sky

Wishing April Goodbye


Yet another #SkywatchFriday and yet another weekend. It’s also time to wish April Goodbye. For us in India, this is an important milestone. It marks  the end of the first month of FY 2017-18.

On the 1st of April, every year, we open our new books of accounts with a new set of resolutions to keep. My first resolution is always to be more particular but alas, like every resolution,  is abandoned even as it is articulated!

The first casualty of being sloppy is a misplaced key. I can’t for the life of me remember where I could have kept it. Monday was a particularly disturbing day as we heard about the demise of a dear friend. Not only was this totally unexpected but it was totally unnerving. We spent the day going about our business  totally distracted and upset about this news.

It was only on Tuesday after attending her funeral did we get some kind of closure. By this time I had already realised that I couldn’t find the key and was trying to re-trace my movements and recollect where I could possibly have kept the key.

Since then, I’ve opened hand bags ( including the ones I haven’t used in ages), cleaned out drawers, cubby holes and even looked into the freezer in case I had kept it there!

I still haven’t traced the key and am glad this week is over. I’m glad this month is over too!

I’m looking forward to the weekend as it begins with a brunch this afternoon.

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Happy weekend all!

I’m participating in #SkywatchFriday where bloggers from all over the world share their skies. Do drop in for some spectacular views.

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