Leheriya from Rajasthan #AtoZChallenge 2017

Image for Leheriya

Image for Leheriya


Once upon a time I had three leheriyas in my cupboard. My favourite was a brilliant pink known as Rani Pink ( fuschia ) . Alas! I don’t have a single Leheriya in my cupboard right now.

The only Textile Tradition I can think of for L is Leheriya . The word translates to waves  -like waves in the ocean. The wave like pattern is obtained when the fabric is tied and dyed. This is another tradition that comes from the desert sands of Rajasthan which more often than not conjures up brilliantly tied and died fabrics, camels and bright sunshine.


Soft, flowy and magical the Leheriya in cotton is used as a turban or sari. You can make Leheriya from silk, georgette or chiffon too!


Did you know that ?

  • leheria was once worn exclusively by the  Marwaris of  Rajasthan.
  • only royalty wore blue leheria
  • white is the commonest base colour of leheria
  • The price of a leheria depends on the kind of fabric and the  number of times the cloth has been dyed

~ Courtesy:  Utsavpedia

Creating a wave

This seemingly easy pattern is obtained by tightly tying up the fabric with thread to retain the original colour when the cloth is dipped into dye.

Now isn’t that a fascinating way of creating a wave?

Disclaimer : I am neither a textile manufacturer nor a historian . I am just passionate about textiles and fabrics. I have gathered all my information from the Internet. Please excuse any errors and omissions.

Any guesses  what M will bring ?

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  1. Took me right to my childhood, when I tried to do the same to one of my scarf using fabric paint, @home.It turned out so beautiful. The most exciting part was to remove those tied up threads to reveal the pattern underneath. 🙂 Loved it!!

  2. I have been looking at your posts almost every day, just so ya know. The link works fine. I too am finding the long list of “comments” to scroll through a bit daunting. The video is fantastic! Being a fiber geek I will be trying this technique this summer. Maybe with my rust solution on muslin. I now have a new word to spring on my Shibori pals. Thank You!
    Lettering Arts
    Linda Gardiner recently posted…Lettering Arts A to Z ChallengeMy Profile

    1. Thanks ?. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this technique … have a great summer . We’re boiling here with temperatures in the higher 30’s ( centigrade)

  3. Lehriya is my favourite and Bandhini too from Rajasthan. I learnt how to do it in college in my clothing and textile subject. I have a lehariya saree and 2 dupattas.

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