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What is the X Factor?

X is a toughie in whichever theme you choose. I am sure that everyone has had to scratch their heads real hard for this one.And many like me must have tweaked things a bit just so that they fit with the alphabet.

Well, I am using X to describe the Cross Stitch that is used in a few embroidery styles.

One of the traditional Indian embroidery styles that uses the Cross Stitch is KASUTI, or the single thread embroidery from Dharwar. Kasuti has immense cultural significance in th

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is part of the country and saris with Kasuti embroidery are worn for special occasions like weddings. The beauty of this embroidery is that it looks the same from both sides of the fabric. The cross stitch is just ONE of the four stitches used in Kasuti embroidery- the main one being the Holbein Stitch or Double running stitch.


Another embroidery tradition that uses the Cross Stitch is the Banjara nomadic tribes of Madhya Pradesh who use cross stitch to highlight the motifs used to embellish their skirts, belts and hankies.

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The Banjara from Andhra Pradesh love incorporating mirrors and shells in their embroidery. They also use the cross stitch to keep in place the applique bands.

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Source : from the net


And finally  the modified Maltese Cross stitch or Sindhi stitch   the women of Kutch use in their gorgeous work.



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  1. I know about cross stitch but didn’t know these names .Very interesting collection of traditional Indian embroidery you have displayed .

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