Month: May 2017


New York’s hidden gem #NYBG

A hidden gem Come the month of May and most of my compatriots are on holiday. Many of them travel overseas to escape the oppressive heat that descends on us before the monsoon rains. America is a popular destination with hundreds of Indians having one or two relatives whom they can visit . And New …


Redefining cancer care – Nihal & Shyama Kaviratne #WATWB

For  most people retirement means taking life easy . But Nihal Kaviratne and his wife Shyama are not most people . Returning home to India after a successful corporate career of over 40 years, the couple had no fixed plan of what to do next. Despite their busy lives in the corporate world, they had …


Nature’s Bounty – the red leafed Japanese Maple #ThursdayTreeLove

Have you ever seen a tree with red leaves? Well I found one growing in my friend’s back garden. I’ve always been fascinated by trees and was keen on joining  Parul Thakur’s interesting theme #ThursdayTreeLove. Unfortunately, I never found an interesting tree to photograph and post till yesterday I saw this gorgeous maroon leafed Maple in …


Morning Walk in an urban wood

A walk in in the woods After about a year of trying to walk in the morning, I finally managed it today. I accompanied Daughter No 1 to her office and had to stay out of her hair while she got some jobs done so she told me to go for a walk on their …


Summer Friday #SkywatchFriday

A summer Friday It’s already half way through May and the clouds are slowly gathering .Parts of India have already experienced rain showers but in my Mumbai sky, there is a lot of bright blue. The sea is still and there is absolutely no sign of the seahorses ( the tiny white foamed waves) that …

Mumbai Diary

Letter to my college going self

Image for letter writing

Last month some of my classmates from college organised a reunion of all alumni. I would have gone but for the fact that no one from my gang was going to be there. I believe it was a great success . At any rate, it made me nostalgic and I thought I’d write a letter …