Day: May 11, 2017


Writing by hand #FridayReflections

Image of my handwriting

After a long time, I was excited by the Friday prompt. It brought back memories of my school days when we only wrote by hand . And we only wrote by pen. We actually filled book after book of Marion Richardson’s  writing patterns so that we got the perfect letters while writing Cursive. Believe it …

Mumbai Diary

My Sky from the bottom of Babulnath #SkywatchFriday

Yet another Friday and it’s the middle of the month already. Before long, half the year will be over and I still haven’t begun many of my New Year Resolutions. I have to learn to do things differently if I want to get even halfway there. Doing things in a different way, today I bring …


Help ! There’s a Bull in my bathroom

Most of you have hear of the bull in a china shop but have you ever heard of a bull in the bathroom? It all started when I retuned home after a three month stay in the US to find my house extraordinarily dusty and messy. Something had to be done , I thought so …