Redefining cancer care – Nihal & Shyama Kaviratne #WATWB

For  most people retirement means taking life easy . But Nihal Kaviratne and his wife Shyama are not most people . Returning home to India after a successful corporate career of over 40 years, the couple had no fixed plan of what to do next.

Despite their busy lives in the corporate world, they had always found time to do some charitable work but now with time on their hands, they wanted to do more. But they didn’t know what.

Getting the answer

One day, while driving past the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, Nihal was horrified at the sight of patients and their families actually sleeping on the footpath outside the very hospital that they were being treated in. And some of them were little children.

Nihal and Shyama , with their own funds,  set up  St. Jude India Child Care Centres an 8 units shelter providing free accommodation for outstation children coming to Mumbai for cancer treatment. 

[Tweet “Today St. Jude has a presence in 5 major cities and in April of this year , admitted its 10,000th patient!”]

Image for Children suffering from cancer
Cancer is a word that strikes fear in every heart . More so when you are living in rural India and find that your little one has Cancer. Every year there are 1000s of children who make the trek to the cities to find a cure for this disease .

Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai is the pioneering hospital that literally has 1000s of people showing up each day. For many of the patients there is no place to stay as the warm welcome from relatives soon dries up. Very often they have no option but to stay on the streets right outside the very hospital they are being treated in!

Redefining Cancer Care

With the holistic care provided by St. Jude India ChildCare Centres fewer children have abandoned treatment and has raised the benchmark for cancer care in India.

St. Jude India ChikdCare Centres is a not for profit organisation run on corporate lines with the support of several volunteers .

I admire Nihal and his wife for their tireless efforts in establishing and steering St. Jude.

They  have revolutionised paediatric oncology care in India and set up a new model for NGOs.

Truly, their retirement years are more enriched by the succour they provide to others.
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14 Responses

  1. Dahlia says:

    Their initiative is truly something to be admired – thanks for sharing this bit of uplifting news 🙂

  2. This truly is a beautiful story of compassion creating a gift that will live on touching the lives of many in need. Thank you for sharing.
    Deborah Weber recently posted…May 2017 – We Are the WorldMy Profile

    • Bellybytes says:

      Yes this couple is truly remarkable that they my only think of others but have also contributed positively to bring change in healthcare to prevent abandonment of treatment and improve chances of a better life.

  3. Such an inspiration couple they are..They have set a true example of compassion..Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. susan scott says:

    Blessings on Nihal and Shyma for going the extra mile and reaching out to these people in need. May the St. Jude hospital go from strength to strength. Thank you for sharing this amazing story!

  5. Simon Falk says:

    What a beautiful couple. To give a home to those in such a need is truly touching. May they receive many volunteers and donations to support them. Thanks for sharing Simon’s Still Stanza #WATWB

  6. Alex says:

    I am really happy to know that people like Nihal and his wife do exist. We should never feel hopeless we never know when someone comes like an angel and helps us, I really appreciate and it also motivated me to do something like this, thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for posting wonderful information here. I’m so glad to read this kind of content. I was exactly searching for this content. I’m so fortunate to get this kind of content.

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