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Mouth-watering cakes that can make any occasion truly special

Cakes make occasions special

There are times when you can’t be present at someone’s special occasion. Or there are times when you want to make some one special feel really special. It could be your mom, your dad, a favourite aunt or uncle. It may be to celebrate a difficult deal you and your team have just sealed. Or it may be just to let someone know that you’re thinking of them.   But how?

 Trishana Kashyap  who is guest posting on my blog today  is giving us the run down on how to order mouth-watering cakes that can make any occasion truly special! FernsnPetals a specialty florist and gift shop makes this possible with cake deliveries in India and abroad. 

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Over to Trishana :

If you want to celebrate any occasion, cakes are an inevitable part of the celebration. They are available in wide range of designs, shapes and flavours that can leave people asking for more. You can’t imagine the celebrations of any important event without the presence of cakes.

To take the madness and indulgence of cake lovers to a new level, here are the few exciting cakes that needs to be tasted for a divine feeling. Check out some of these amazing designer cakes as stated below:

Special Chocolate Cake- Who would not love being pampered with an amazing chocolate cake that is filled with the goodness of chocolates? It will leave a distinct and unforgettable taste on your taste buds. The irresistible cake comes in various flavours like Chocolate Truffle Royale, Rich Velvety Chocolate Cake, Heart Shape Truffle Cake, Chocolate Hearts Cake, Chocolate Cake with White Roses, Black Forest Gateau and other such delicious flavours. There are various online cake shops that can offer you multiple cake varieties which are unable to be found in any cake shops in Mumbai and other locations.

Image for Truffle Cake
Truffle Cake

Cake with a Velvet touch- Those who want to enjoy a smooth and unforgettable taste needs to go for this Red Velvet Heart Cake. It is soft and melt easily in mouth giving you a delectable experience. There are other variants like Red Velvet Fresh Cream Cake or Red Velvet Photo Cake that are a pure delight to your taste buds.

Image for Red Velvet photo cake
          A red velvet photo cake

Cake with the goodness of fruits- If you love fruits and their goodness, the amazing Fruit cake is a wonderful option to try. You can enjoy a variety of flavours in Fruit Cakes such as Mango Cake, Exotic Pineapple Cake, Special Fresh Fruit Cake, Fruit of Forest and others that can easily amaze any fruit lovers without any problem.

Image for Fruit Cake
Effervescent Fruit Cake

Special Designer Cakes- Sometimes, people are not amused by simple ordinary looking cakes and this is one of the cases especially with the young kids. They want something extraordinary that is derived from any cartoon characters, super hero, a toy or any other things from the day-to-day life. A lot of cake shops can offer best cakes in Mumbai in the form of Mickey Mouse Cake, Spiderman Cake, Red Ferrari Cake, Disney Cake, Camera Cake, Barbie Doll Cake, Pooh Tiger Cake, Pinki the Owl Cake and others that can easily satisfy the childhood fantasies and imagination of the kids.

Image for Designer Cake
    Mickey Mouse Designer Cake

Cute lovely cupcakes collection- If you are tired with normal cakes, you can have a wonderful surprise in the form of these lovely cupcakes. Some of the mouth-watering cupcakes are Chocolate Cupcakes, Blue Pink Fantasy Cupcakes, Cute Red Velvet Cupcakes, Chocolate Star Cupcakes, Tripple Chocolate Cupcakes, Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes and others that are an exciting treat for the kids and elders alike.

Don’t miss out any celebration and make it more enjoyable with the help of these delicious cakes that can be found in any cake shops in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and others parts of India. So, gorge on these yummy cakes without any guilt.  


Image for Blue Fantasy Cupcake
Blue Fantasy Cupcake


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