Writing by hand #FridayReflections

Image of my handwriting

After a long time, I was excited by the Friday prompt. It brought back memories of my school days when we only wrote by hand . And we only wrote by pen.

We actually filled book after book of Marion Richardson’s  writing patterns so that we got the perfect letters while writing Cursive.

Believe it or not, my handwriting used to look like this

Image for Marion Richardson hand writing

Today, I’ve actually written after a long, long time and this is how my handwriting looks now :

Image of my handwriting

Well, I can see my old teachers cringe at this shabby piece of handwriting.

I definitely won’t win the Handwriting Prize for this one, will I? What did you think of this example of my handwriting?

Have you also stopped writing by hand? Do you  use an ink pen with a nib? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Image for Fridayt Reflections

I am linking this post to Corinne and Sanch’s #FridayReflections. 

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  1. Ahh it’s been a while since I wrote by hand too. The diary used to keep me in touch with pen and paper, but then I found myself an online space for that too, and since typing is so much more convenient I don’t look back at the pen…unless the laptop’s charge runs out that is :p . But the feel is different altogether to write by hand, don’t you think? 🙂
    Dashy recently posted…From Fresher to SophomoreMy Profile

  2. Wow! Your handwriting is terrific – mine is terrible 😀 I think I would have never started writing if we still had to write by hand 😉

  3. The only thing I have handwritten in a long time is either shopping lists, sympathy cards, and notes for classes I have taken. My handwriting has never been good. Your current example is better – your first example from years ago is wonderful! Cursive isn’t even taught in many United States schools anymore – something I deeply oppose.
    The Unknown Journey Ahead recently posted…The Great Adventure #FridayReflectionsMy Profile

  4. I can imagine how well that handwriting of yours must have been in those running letters when you were writing using pen frequently. It is good now too even with less pen usage, Sunita. I love writing with my pen. I do that daily even now. Actually this prompt really tempted me to write and post but I couldn’t finish up the post. I will join next week with my handwriting for Friday reflections as I saw that we can use a prompt from earlier. ?
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