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Yoga goes International

Ever since I attended Rujuta Divekar’s book launch where she pooh poohed the idea of an International Yoga Day, I’ve found the concept of dedicating a day to Yoga  very funny. As she said, Yoga is or rather should be as integral to our lives as daal chawal . This, incidentally is also giving way to pizza and pasta and it won’t be long before we have an International Daal Chawal Day with hundreds of people doing Daal Chawal by the Bay. 

Jokes apart , why is it that only when our traditional foods or practices gain INTERNATIONAL currency that they gain credibility become acceptable to us?

During a recent trip to the US, I found a range of cold pressed coconut oil and pure Desi ghee in mainstream grocery stores. I also spotted some “old grain” breads in some shelves. Possibly a time will come when ready to eat Daal Chawal will replace the Butter Chicken and Palak Paneer that we see in the Indian food section.

However, till that time, let us all stretch ourselves to fitness.

Sharing some cartoons I got via Whatsapp from my Yoga friends

Happy Yoga to You !

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  1. International Yoga Day is definitely silly, but I’m still sad I didn’t celebrate by doing a few poses! I guess there’s always next year 🙂 A horrible thing about US society is when someone does something unique – regardless of how smart or healthy it is – they are often criticized until it becomes mainstream. People are really uncomfortable with “different” here, which, to add to the post above, is definitely related to a weird inferiority complex. We only like foreign things when they are so americanized that they are no longer “foreign.”

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