Month: July 2017


When blue Sunday became blue Monday #MondayMusing

Image for Monday Morning Blues

Sunday Blues Some days are for living. Others are for getting through.                                                        Malcolm S. Forbes Normally I am blue on Monday morning  because the relaxed weekend past is …

Mumbai Diary

Swishing a magic wand # WOW

  It’s Sunday yet again and  ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ Little Po was sick last week and in one of my baby sitting sessions, I  amused him with a simple Magic Trick. I would hide my slippers behind my back and ask him where they were. …


A Nightsky in Mumbai #SkywatchFriday

This week has been comparatively dry but the heavy downpours have resulted in huge crater like pot holes in several roads of Mumbai. While the roads in my part of the town are comparatively better, the paver blocks have come up in many parts, bits of road have sunk and basically there is almost always …


Horizontal , Vertical #ThursdayTreeLove

Today I actually wanted to post a picture of a marvellous avenue of trees but sadly I can’t find it any where in any of my folders. So after much searching I found this picture of a Banyan tree whose vertical roots are coincidentally mirrored in the horizontal lines of the pedestrian crossing. It almost …


When deserts bloom: Tackling Climate Change #WATWB

Making a desert bloom Most of my country is green these days with the monsoons in full swing . But there are parts that will forever remain dry and arid like the natural desert sands of Rajasthan and Kutch.  We  also have a high altitude desert in Ladakh. Like many Indians, I first saw this …


Why is a visit to Singapore incomplete without exploring Underwater World?

There are many things you need to inform yourself about before you start to book Mumbai to Singapore cheap flights. Before the 1800’s, Singapore was just a fishing village and a colony that was passed on under the rule of the British, the Japanese and finally, it was decided it would be a part of …