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10 discoveries that changed the history of the world #UBC Day 10

Well I missed Day 10 of the UBC because of a terribly bad tummy. Now that’s not unusual in this part of the world and at this time of year but what was surprising is that I ate the same food that every one ate and the bug just caught hold of me!

But this is not about me and my runny tummy, it’s about the 10 things we have to list as Day 10 of the UBC. Like 10 things to do, see or hear.

This is rather difficult because 10 is a huge number. That’s all the fingers I have to count on. So while it is easy to come up with the BEST and only ONE thing to do, see or hear, it is a bit of a stretch to come up with 10. However, I will give it a shot with 10 discoveries that fascinate me . They are listed randomly, just as they pop into my mind.

  1. The invention of fire
  2. The discovery of the wheel
  3. Electricity and all forms of harnessing energy
  4. The automobile
  5. The automatic washing machine
  6. The aeroplane
  7. The discovery of antibiotics
  8. The computer
  9. Wireless communication
  10. Robots

Isn’t it amazing how man’s imagination has spurred him on to create things out of nothing as it were?

This is my list of 10 fascinating things in human history.


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4 Responses

  1. Interesting. What’s fascinating are all the new discoveries that will change even more of what we consider normal. I recently saw a program on AI – Artificial Intelligence. Now that’s some scary changes coming down the pike.

  2. Lata Sunil says:

    Such important inventions you have listed here. The future will be more exciting. Imagine the grocer/supermarket supplying you routinely based on your past history. Or a calendar that stores your various inputs and tells you what to do today. Predictability of future needs using AI seems high right now.
    Lata Sunil recently posted…Cover Reveal : Avishi by Saiswaroopa IyerMy Profile

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