Day: 12 July 2017

Mumbai Diary

When Google got it wrong on Peddar Road

Image for Google Ad for GPS

The God of our Times Google has become the uncrowned God of our times with its vast knowledge base. Every so now and then, people cite GOOGLE as the authority to treat diseases, quote facts from history, geography and technology. Google is asked for recommendations on nearby restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals and directions to get from …


A recent holiday memory

I’ve just returned from a holiday in New Jersey and have lots of pleasant memories to share. Could it be the day I spent with friends and family at the New York Botanical Gardens where we went specially to see the Chihuly exhibit? Now isn’t that a stunning display of blown glass? It was a …


10 discoveries that changed the history of the world #UBC Day 10

Well I missed Day 10 of the UBC because of a terribly bad tummy. Now that’s not unusual in this part of the world and at this time of year but what was surprising is that I ate the same food that every one ate and the bug just caught hold of me! But this …